Infrastructure Fund

The Infrastructure Private Equity fund, patient Sigma FI, hospital is privately managed by SIGMA SAFI under the advisory of SIGMA CAPITAL. The Fund aims to invest primarily on Greenfield infrastructure related projects such as:

  • Transport (air, ground, railway, maritime, fluvial, among others) including complementary infrastructure projects such us parking lots, industrial pipelines and other means of transportation
  • Sanitation (water and/or drain systems) including water plant treatments and other investments related
  • Energy (generation, transmission, and distribution in the energy sector) including alternative sources of traditional and non-traditional means to generate energy
  • Telecommunications including core and complementary infrastructure
  • Social (health, education, penitentiary, among others)
  • Irrigation infrastructure
  • Petrochemical Industry

Investments in companies dedicated to the construction, operation and/or maintenance of infrastructure projects

Investments will be executed in the following manners, individually or in combination of more than one of them:

  1. The acquisition of the firm’s equity related to infrastructure.
  2. The acquisition of goods related to infrastructure.
  3. The participation in projects related to infrastructure through different agreements and/or contracts that allow the fund to be a part of the investment.

Most projects will take place within Peruvian boundaries.