Sigma is an independent alternative asset manager focus on Operating Lease and Private Equity funds. Sigma is one of the leading asset managers in Peru. Our business model is backed by institutional investors and major companies who offer us their trust.

Sigma has accepted $640 mm in four funds, three of them are Operating Lease funds, and has invested $550 mm and divested $200 mm to date.

LeasOp I, the first operating lease fund, is a public fund listed on the Lima Stock Exchange. The main investors are Peruvian pension funds (AFPs).

LeasOp II and LeasOp III are private investment funds. The investors are Interbank and Goldman Sachs Credit Partners (GSCP).

LeasOp III, Operating Lease fund with Goldman Sachs, is currently divested and fully repaid.

The Infrastructure Private Equity fund, Sigma FI, invests in companies and projects related to infrastructure development such as transportation, sanitation treatment plants, generation and transmission of energy, as well as alternative sources of energy, among others.