Sigma Capital

Sigma Capital possesses experience, expertise and network to successfully originate, invest, manage and divest.

Ample experience in both private and public sector .


Craig Carleton Smith

  • Know-how of fund administrative processes, including legal, regulatory, tax, among others
  • In-depth experience in credit risk analysis and management
  • Underwriting experience
  • Strong relationship with infrastructure-related private entities across main economic sectors in Peru

Luis Carranza

  • Public and private sector experience.
  • In-depth knowledge of public sector processes.
  • Vast solid network within government at all levels (central, regional, local) and private sector.
  • Global view of infrastructure strategy.
  • Experience evaluating and approving infrastructure projects.

Gonzalo de las Casas

  • 16-years investment expertise.
  • Proven track-record of generating superior investment returns.
  • Solid analysis and valuation skills.
  • Prior exposure to infrastructure related projects.